Family Office & Wealth structuring


R&N Partners SA has been established to manage the wealth of its founding partners and gathers a high skilled and experienced team and partners in wealth planning, tax planning and in private and corporate legal services.

Portfolio management


We believe that a well balanced portfolio, for any kind of purposes, long term appreciation, high yield, low risk profile, cannot any further be invested in only shares & bonds but has to assess all available class of assets, such as equities, bonds, precious metals, commodities, volatilities, real estate investment trust, credit instruments in order achieve a risk adjusted return in accordance with the clients expectations. We are striving ourselves to constantly innovate to implement strategies which generate alpha and reduce the portfolio’s volatility.

Who we are:

R&N Partners SA is a Geneva-Switzerland located wealth management company based on transparency, innovation and trust, fully committed to its clients.

Who owns R&N Partners:

R&N Partners is owned by its managers and is completely independent from financial institutions and banks to have the freedom of investing for the sole interest of its clients.

What we do

R&N Partners SA advises its clients from tax structring to wealth management with a tailor made approach.

We serve our client-partners by providing them, their families with individually designed advises and solutions to preserve the assets and wealth of families.

R&N Partners SA and our specialised partners and attorneys help wealthy individuals, families and businesses benefit from the most tax saving strategies and solutions.

As a client actively interested in financial markets, you benefit most from custom-tailored investment support through our investment advisory & management services.

Who are Reinhold & Ness:

Mr Eriksson, the founder had the wish to combine his family roots from Sweden, involved in industrial ventures, and opt for Reinhold, his ancestor's name and add Ness, Mr Eriksson’s private holding company.

Why Geneva ?

Geneva, and globally Switzerland has all the features to create an attractive environment for capital management companies, especially for those who constantly innovate as R&N Partners. Switzerland offers a secular of high professional banking and financial services, high skilled workforce, political, social and economical stability, regulated financial industry for the highest security of the investors. Furthermore Switzerland gathers high tech companies in various industrial fields essential for financial innovation.

Our commitments:

We are committed to innovation for the client’s benefit, improvement of the capital management industry and especially to transparency and trust which is the base for long term relationships.

Transparency means that we do not accept any third party remunerations if not clearly stated to the client ; we give on line access 24/7 to the client’s account in order to follow his portfolio.

Trust means that we can be visited by our clients during regular business days to exchange about the portfolio’s performance, positions, markets outlook or just have a casual chat with us.


We are also very pleased to visit you anywhere to meet for the first time or on regular basis to present the past performances. Trust is even more secured when a management agreement is clear, detailed and informs about the financial relationship.